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newinterior.pngFor the past 10 years CK Painting has been providing their services to a number of high-end Construction Builders. Servicing areas to the Gold Coast, Bayside, Brisbane, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast. Their quality and attention to detail has positioned the CK BRAND highly in the industry and are now recognised by a large variety of building companies as a high quality industry leader. 

Many companies if not all of them state they offer “QUALITY & SERVICE” but until you as the builder give them a go you don’t actually know what you are getting until the job is finished. So instead of having those meetings and phone conversations about the way the painting will be conducted and hoping your new painting company is going to stack up, I can show you our process which has been the success for our builders and CK Painting.



Painting is the easy part! Preparation is the key to a great finish. Below is an example of our system that is carried out on all our builders’ sites.

1. All timberwork is puttied and sanded prior to painting, Windows, doorways and cabinetry are masked, all walls are thoroughly dusted down and the site is always clean.

2. Using a HVLP machine (high and low volume pressure), all timberwork is sprayed to ensure  a smooth flawless finish. Gapping is done after the first coat to ensure maximum adhesion and prevent future cracking as much as possible. All woodwork is then sanded again and filled with a timber filler to eliminate imperfections in the timber and to make all mitres as even as possible, and yes this includes skirtings. Once a wallboard sealer is sprayed to the walls and ceilings, a pre–paint is then conducted by the plasterers or ourselves if required. This gives a better chance to see more imperfections in the plasterboard rather than a non-painted surface.  

3. After the Plastering is completed all timberwork is re sanded and re-sprayed with the HVLP and is ready for glossing. All Ceilings receive 2 more coats, which are finished with a rolled pattern with 10 – 12 mm nap, which can then be touched up after any new tradespersons.

4. Another light sand and the glossing is then completed before the last coats go on the walls. 

The frame edges are also glossed, this looks much better than having the edges in the walls’ low sheen, which some painters do by finishing the walls off first.

5. Two coats are then cut and rolled with sanding in between coats and are finished with a 10 -12 mm micro fibre nap to ensure a smooth even finish.

6. A check over and touch up to any imperfections are rectified before final trades enter with a final thorough inspection and repair completed after all Trades have finished.

We are fully licensed and Insured and all works are completed to Australian Standards and within Work Place Health and Saftey Requirements. 

So the next time you hear the word “QUALITY” don’t just assume you are going to get it.

We are not the cheapest company but we are not expensive either. Our prices are firm but fair with great value. If you wish to see some projects recently completed by CK Painting ask the team and previous completed  addresses can be provided for viewing.